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The only 40m pump in the world on 3 axles chassis with a weight allowance of 26.000 kg!

Placing boom B5HRZ 40/36, 5 elements, 125 mm pipe system, “RZ” folding system.
Sections I, II and III made in high resistance steel. Sections IV,V made in CIFA CARBOTECH composite material.
Hydraulic outrigger controls on both sides of the truck.
Front “X” style diagonal outriggers with double telescopic opening and swing-out rear outriggers for a quick and easy set-up also in narrow areas.
“Load Sensing” proportional boom control.
Concrete flow rate regulator.
Safety device on opening inspection hatch.
HP-EC pumping unit with electronic closed circuit and reverse flow: superb performances, high pressures and output, smooth pumping, high reliability and easier maintenance; 9 inches S valve.

Technical Details

Placing Boom B5RZ 40/36
Max. vertical/horizontal reach 39,1 / 34,5 m
Section nr. / Folding 5 / RZ
Pipeline diameter 125 mm twin pipes
Min. unfolding height 8,6 m
CARBON sections 4 and 5
Pumping Unit HP 1608 EC
Max. theoretical output 160 m3/h
Max. pressure on concrete 80 bar
Max. nr. of cycles per min. 31
Concrete cylinders 230 x 2.100 mm
S-Valve size 9
Hydraulic circuit closed
Operating system electronic


Download K40H datasheet.pdf