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Coguaro (1)CIFA COGUARO Mine Mixer

CIFA Coguaro 4

Coguaro 4 is the first mixer designed to work in a mine. A new product, with an unmistakeable style. The prototype, developed also considering Italian-made style and design with a careful eye on ergonomics, will be used for special transport of concrete in the tunnels and mines. Small spaces and challenging working conditions; this is the ideal field for the new mixer to show off all its talents. 2 and a half metres tall, with 4 driving and steering wheels, it is fitted with a FOPS/ROPS anti-rollover cab and a drum with a maximum nominal capacity of 4 cubic metres. Equipped with electronic and video sensors to detect the position of any obstacles, the machine is efficient, reliable and offers lower fuel consumption.

Product Description

Drum Technical Data
Nominal Capacity m3 4
Geometric Volume m3 4.8
Filling Ratio % 0.83
Water Line L 4000
Rotation Speed rpm 17
Diameter mm 1750
Rollers No 2
Truck Chassis Technical Data
Installed Power kW 121
Turning circle m 2,615
Wheelbase m 3,4
Coupling angle   16°
Outlet angle   35°
Truck tires   12.0R20
Net Weight (dry) Kg 10.000
Max. Weight Kg 21.000
Max speed without load Km/h 25
Max speed at full load Km/h 15
Max speed without load in ascent, 30% Km/h 15
Max speed at full load in ascent, 30% Km/h 5

Product Datasheet

CIFA Coguaro 4.pdf

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