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Classic Crane & Lifting Solutions
The Modular Series has always been the “go to” for many customers. Where reliability and safety are always primary criteria, this series has always been popular because of its ease of use and versatility. Since a number of standard or complex lifting applications (eg Bridge Cranes and tower cranes) can be satisfied, the Modular Series remains a favorite with Autec’s clients. This is largely in part to the “If it working properly, don’t change it” mentality people get when a product is reliable and a good investment over the life of the product. Many have come to understand this line of receivers and transmitters as one of the best in the industry for long years – and for other good reasons.

The Modular Series handsets (MK) and belly-pack (MJ) wireless controllers have “fail safe” functions – this means that their safety functions remain available also in the case of single failures. The product was one of the first to use automatic channel search technology, which automatically switches to a free channel should interference arise; so it is extremely resistant to “noise”, allowing for smooth, uninterrupted wireless control.

The line also allows users to take advantage of pooling resources as part of a multi-unit system. “Master & Slave”, “take & release” along with tandem operation are all possible.