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For over 30 years Autec has provided both cutting-edge products made of the best possible components and innovative solutions for critical applications while maintaining a focus on customer satisfaction and affordability, believing employee safety should never come at a premium.
Autec does this by continually improving its processes and is guided by three key principles: The 3 S’s: Safety, Solutions, Service.

In fact, safety is the foundation of Autec’s culture and not just a part of its name. The safety of the products and their ability to operate correctly amid challenging circumstances such as environmental changes or even system failures truly demonstrate this. It has always been important to Autec to invest in research & development and new technologies. As a result this has helped to make Autec Safety the trusted name it is today.

Since 1994, Autec has received several certifications for functional safety from TÜV, the world leader in the verification of electronic systems for machinery. Autec is also a member of technical committees and participates in maintenance of IEC standards in the field of wireless control systems.