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Warm Mix Additives

Reduce the working temperatures of asphalt concrete during the production and laying phase, contribute to reduce emissions in the atmosphere.

For high concentrations of RAP Additives for warm mixes which, besides reducing the production temperature, allow to use high percentages of RAP.

Product Description


Iterlow is a technology based on a liquid product, that, added to bitumen in quantities of 0,3 – 1%, allows to produce the warm mix at temperatures between 90°C – 120°C.

Iterlow, acts on the bitumen’s surface tension, therefore doesn’t modify the chemical and physical characteristics of the bitumen (R&B, penetration, viscosity, paraffin content). The technology is easy to use: it doesn’t provide plant modifications and doesn’t introduce water into the mix. Its use began in 2002 with test plots across Europe, wear layers, connection layers, even with the addition of milled material (RAP).

Benefits: decreases the production temperature of over 40°C, limits the gas emissions that cause the greenhouse effect and reduces fuel consumption. The mechanical characteristics of the obtained mixes are identical to the ones produced at normal temperatures.

•Increases the plant’s hourly production
•Allows to carry the mix at greater distances
•Improves the workability facilitating hand laying
•-50% of emissions in the atmosphere
•From 20% to 50% less energy for production
•From 40°C to 70°C less compared to classic mix.

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