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CIFA Tunnelling Formworks
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Tunnelling Formworks

Tunnels improve life in all sectors of our society, allowing ease of travel for work and leisure. Communities are brought closer together with direct, fast roads, railways and subway/metro systems. SPANOS in cooperation with CIFA offers a wide range of tunnelling formworks and a high level of know-how and expertise in the field. Our portfolio includes major infrastructure projects such as:

The Egnatia Odos (670km highway) with 73 twin-tunnells exclusivelly built with CIFA formworks,

The Aegean Motorway (530km Thessaloniki-Athens) which includes the biggest tunnel of the Balkans (6km) made with CIFA formworks.

The Athens Metro and many other.

Product Description

Self-Reacting Steel Forms

Formworks for medium and large sized tunnel cross sections, with an articulated structure to support and resist loads imposed by the concrete.

Electrohydraulic self propelled transport and dismantling traveller.

Concrete placed using model “DCL” high-level distributor.

Compaction assured by centralized controls for multiple vibrators.


Self-Supporting Steel Forms

Formworks for medium and large sized tunnel cross sections, with the base of the shutter secured using “Tyloops” or recoverable pins.

The electro-hydraulic self propelled transport and dismantling traveller has telescopic or single section functions.

Concrete placing is by “DCL” model distributor, and the panel vibrators are individually operated from centralized control points.

Preparatory and follow-up work can be carried out on purpose built gantries before and after the main formwork.


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