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Surface-active emulsifiers for production of standard and special bitumen emulsions. Used for tack coat, cold recycling, slurry-seal, single-double layer, bituminous pastes.

Product Description

ITERACID ID-10  is a pasty emulsifier used for the production of cationic bituminous emulsions (acid) with fast or medium setting. It is specially indicated for tack-coat emulsions and surface treatments. ITERACID for the production of elastomerized emulsions, has a perfect compatibility with any type of latex (natural or synthetic SBR).

ITERACID ID-10 must be perfectly dispersed in hot water at 50°-60°C and neutralized with hydrochloric acid until desired pH. In order to facilitate the dosage through automatic systems, the product should be previously liquefied at a maximum temperature of 80°C. Its chemical nature favours the bitumen/aggregate affinity.

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