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Cold Mix Asphalt
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Cold Mix Plasticizers

ITERCOLD is a plastic sacked mix, ready to use, to fill-up the holes on road surfaces, especially during winter time, caused by cold weather and frost.

ITERCOLD has the capacity to restore small surfaces where some digging has been realized to put electrical, phone and hydraulic conducts.

ITERCOLD is easy to apply and remains plastic in summer or winter time. It can also be applied on humid or wet surfaces, because it contains a suitable antistripping agent which guarantees a perfect seal. After the application, the traffic will guarantee a perfect compaction without the product coming out of the pothole, previously cleaning the surface to be treated using a suitable primer and a minimum compacting of the product.

Product Description

ITERLENE IN/200 SPECIAL is a plasticizer studied for cold mix production for road maintenance.

ITERLENE IN/200 SPECIAL is formed by substances totally exempt of tar oils, and guarantees the manufacturing of a perfectly plastic and workable cold mix either in heap or in bag.

ITERLENE IN/200 SPECIAL is directly added into the bitumen mixture in the plant mixer through a dosing pump or manually through a window of the mixer after adding the binder.

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