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Since 1947, SICOMA is manufacturing high quality concrete mixers.

In 1972 the Company F.lli GALLETTI changed its name to OFFICINE MECCANICHE GALLETTI – O.M.G. SRL., or OMG for short. Società Italiana Costruzione Macchine, S.I.CO.MA is the major manufacturing division of OMG . In 1988, Galletti Iberica was founded, in 2000 SICOMA Zhu-Hai, in 2005 Sicoma North America, while in 2006 a new branch was set up in France, namely “Omg France”, giving the current configuration to the OMG Group. In 1995, the company obtained ISO 9001certification, the first mixer manufacturer to do so. In December 2007 it celebrated its 60th anniversary. Continuous technical advancements have made SICOMA the world market leader in the concrete mixer industry.

The Sicoma company currently exports throughout Europe and world wide, with plants in Barcelona, Spain and Zhuhai, China. The company headquarters is in Ponte Valleceppi, Italy, close to Perugia in Umbria Province, with a plant area of 20,000 square meters, 7000 of which is devoted to inside manufacturing. The Italian plant produces all of the critical components for use worldwide, while other centers manufacture the bulky parts and assemble complete products. Sicoma sells over 2000 concrete mixers per year- many more than any other manufacturer.

The range of products is completed by new mixers with a wide selection of sizes and types, designed for the most effective operation for Readymix, Blocks and Pavers, RCC, Precast Elements and any kind of application where a consistent and uniform mix is required