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Iterchimica is one of the world leaders in the field of asphalt technology and additives, streaming to advance the road safety and quality. Iterchimica is distinguished for its innovation and it continually invests in laboratory tests. Worldwide company, offers an extremely rich variety of additives and technologies for improving and increasing the performances of all kinds of asphalt applications:

• Multi-Function Ecological Products
• Anti stripping agents
• Rejuvenators for hot mixes and cold recycling
• Flux oils
• Ecological flux oils
• Ready made Winter Asphalt
• Emulsifiers
• Traditional and special bitumen emulsions
• Stabilized natural and synthetic latex
• Clear binders
• Fibers
• Polymers for mixes.
• Special Cold Pavings

Iterchimica priority is to apply alternative methods for managing natural resources with the aim of producing products that:

• Respect the environment
• Improve the safety of roads