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Impianti Gutherm is a leading Italian company in the international market for the design and the production of machines and plants for bituminous emulsions.

The activity of “Gutherm” started in the 1970s, it was already a middle size company specialized in the construction and manufacturing of boilers, storage tanks, emulsion plants and spraying machines. The result of its entrepreneurial growth and its acquisition of national and international market shares is the establishment of “IMPIANTI GUTHERM SRL” in 1995 at its today’s premises located in Rescaldina (Milano).

The product range includes:

– Spraying machines
– Bituminous emulsion production plants
– Modified bitumen plants (PMB)
– Thermal boilers
– Bitumen storage tanks
– Towed spraying machines
– Manual spreading machines
– Bitumen transport
– Sacking plants
– Cut back production plants
– Drum melting unit
– Chip spreaders
– Heat exchangers

Several Gutherm plants and machines have been sold and are being supported by Spanos in Greece.